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I bought one of these for $30 until Asus figured out they were really good and raised the price to $40. I use mine running dd-wrt firmware. This pretty much makes you Super-router. One thing that's nice about dd-wrt is that you can bump the power up to 250 mw in violation of federal law With linux machines, you can also use channels 12 and 13, which is legal if you don't interfere with services which could be on what would be channel 14. (US).

As long as our router still works
If you have devices that will handle 802.11n (not the old 802.11g like dated routers), it is way worth it. Having an "n" router let me rip all the ethernet cables out of the house. I felt like I still needed wired connections before 802.11n. Not any more. Range is at least double. Speed is at least quadruple. I can use my wireless in my neighbors house. That's 50 meters through a few walls. It isn't nearly so susceptible to interference from other 2.4 Ghz devices like nuke ovens and cordless phones.

On my old router, if I heated up a burrito, my connection dropped. I'd really like to go to a 5Ghz router, but retrofitting all my devices would be too spendy. Really though, this is like wireless that works.
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