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Public XXX Porn AUDIO Stream - Can I Do It ??

Here's what I have in mind.....

* Take the audio extracts of porn videos & save them as MP3s (Say around 64K to 128K)

* Make playlists out of them

* Load them either into Winamp or SAM Lite

* Stream using a SHOUTcast Server using MY OWN bandwidth (Since it's doubtful most SHOUTcast hosts will even allow XXX content to be streamed over their networks)

My question is CAN THIS BE DONE ?? Another concern I have is how will this affect Winamp's content system?

As for streaming the content itself.....

Does anyone else do this ?? Has anyone else EVEN TRIED this ??

Now you may be wondering WHY AUDIO & NOT VIDEO ??? Well, I'm looking at it from the perspective of "Theatre Of The Mind" as it were

Plus I think it's safe to say that NSV is on life support (If not DEAD) by now

Any USEFUL info would be helpful


Pat Cook
Englewood, CO
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