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One thing that ive always loved about bowie is that, despite the fact his songs are always so dramatic and over the top, you sometimes notice some lyrics or somthing that might just be honest, and about the artist himself. "i never did anyhting out of the blue" is definatly my single fav bowie lyric ever. anyways, ashes to ashes:

time and again i tell myself
ill stay clean tonight
but the little green wings are following me
oh no, not again.
im stuck with a valuable friend
oh, im happy, hope your happy too.
one flash of light, one more smoking pistol
ive never done good things
ive never done bad things
i never did anything out of the blue
i want an axe to break the ice
i wanna come down right now

ashes to ashes, funk to funky
we know major **** a junky
strung out on a heavens high
hitting an all time low.
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