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Good song Midnight. I love the Bills part personally, I got experience in that.

Atmosphere - Always Coming Back Home to You.

All of a sudden I'm in front of some man
No he's a youngin but he's got a gun in his hand
He looks fifteen, he looks frantic, no he looks afraid
Immediately apprehensive 'til I heard him say
Do you want this It's not mine I promise
I found it on my block in between a couple garages
Didn't wanna leave it for a child to stumble over
I don't even know how to hold it.

It was a thirty-eight, the poor mans machete
Held it in my hand, thinking damn man it's heavier then
wedged it behind my belt buckle
knowin that its evil, even thought that I could smell trouble
the extra strength felt weak,
but over there on the corner saw what I needed and proceeded to
cross the
put the heat in the mail box to loose it
figured that the post office knows whats best to do with it

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