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Die Warzau - Glare. Also fits in the depressing lyrics catagory for me.

Kinda slow, like an Everlast style song.

Outside my bedroom window
No, don't stop me
Let me continue
We spin too fast as we enter into this new venue
I'm looking back at the TV
Stepping back as it puts off a real heat
From buildings burning
People dying
Some official lying
Who watch the watchers, leaders
Leading men into destruction
Seeks out their god to save them
But he's the one
Who wrote the instructions
Don't think I like this station
Look in my eyes
Can't you see the frustration
Stare into the television guide
Every single day

Is it me or the way I comb my hair
Is it me or the kind of clothes I wear
Is it me who looks so ugly
Possibly if I wear some shades
It'll stop the glare

Outside my bedroom window
Holiest sounds of children's play
People get slayed every six seconds of every day
I hear some woman praying
In her arms her only son is laying
In a puddle of blood
It’s senseless
While bombs rip apart the defenseless
Who builds the bombs that shatter
Children’s arms and what does it matter
We focus on the now
Remind ourselves We are right

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