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there's no point as 2.8.whatever should really be removed. as for there being the 2.9 from justin, it's just adding to the confusion as now there's too many versions floating about without any standardisation - should just be one version with related fixes, etc and have it done like that or did i miss something with open sourcing most of the source code (only difference with the officially shipped version is localisation and incompatibility with unsupported apes).

if the one officially bundled could be fixed to work ok without having to do weird VC6 compiles (ideally VS2008) then maybe someone would add a version resource back (though only the main .exe and a few ml plug-ins inconsistently do it with later 5.5x builds).

also the resource was removed since no one remembered to update it with the later 2.8x builds and the build system kept mangling the resource so it was simpler to just remove the resource than have it reporting it was the same version as winamp.exe (which i'm sure you'd find even more annoying). that's what i remember being the reason for the removal 3+ years ago.

really AVS should be made an optional download from the installer for legacy purposes due to the issues and lack of support of it but that's just my view. either way i'm sure you're not going to be happy with this response but no one else bothers with AVS now (was tempted to not bother replying in all honesty).

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