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Actually that's what i do for $Money$- albiet not as fun- I work as a small time photo editor for small modeling management companies- so most of the time i'm editing out wrinkles
and acne and what-not - never anything as fun as my above work

I just kind of fell into doing it... I like
the idea of changing reality and all that.

Winsane - OK We can NOW steer this thread off topic - I am a HUGE fan of video game
music. THe music from castlevania is of
course reknown - when you suggested that
song I found a neat MP3 of it and it was
great! The one I like best for some odd
reason is the one that uses the ACTUAL
sound of the gameboy - I haven't found one
of the "arranged" versions that convey the
music or feeling right. As far as vega goes-
(Always my favorite character in SF) I was
looking at my friends mp3s and saw that
vega one- I was surprised to hear it is
REAL music- they are really playing Castanets
and there are flamenco dancers stomping.
It's really cool. I could TALK ALL DAY about
video game music.... i didn't respond because
I didn't think you were gonna check again.
But you proved me wrong

PS - download all Soul Calibur songs!

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