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I still don't think you have actually read my post #2 have you? You don't need to check anything. The only time you need to select Run As Administrator from the menu is when changing file associations. Winamp does not trigger the UAC prompt at any other stage except changing file associations in the OS. You should not need to play with the compatibility dialog at all.

If you have a misbehaving plug-in, then you may want to hassle the author of the plug-in to update it to a modern OS. Or more closely look at what that plug-in is trying to do. For example, if that plug-in is trying to write to the C:\Program Files\Winamp\ folder then you will always get this error message.

The simplest way round that error if it is an unsupported pluggin would be to uninstall Winamp and MOVE it to C:\Winamp\ instead. That way you are outside of the protected files folder and your misbehaving plug-in can then write to the Winamp folder as much as it likes.

What does an Enhancer plug-in do? Can you live without it?

I also don't understand why you would get a UAC box when dragging tunes into a playlist. That should not trigger any UAC errors. Assuming you have your music stored somewhere logical like C:\Users\Username\Music\ and not in somewhere protected like C:\Program Files\. Playlists will now be found in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\

(There is logic to the security settings of Windows 7. Once you get your head round them then make sense. Basically all the stuff you want to mess with should be in the C:\Users\ folders. And things that don't change like Winamp.exe and Pluggins should be happy to live in the C:\Program Files\ folder as long as they don't try writing files in that location. ONLY if you have unsupported out of date pluggins should you have to mess around with anything. XP was a bit of a tart and would let a little too much happen in the wrong locations. Which could lead to all kind of confusions and infections. The rules have been tightened up in this new Win7 era.)

Give me more details of your setup, and where your files are, and I'll help you get a happy system.
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