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Hi LoliHunter,

Thank you very much for your contribution to the community.

Even though I have the Winamp Pro version, I had been using WMP and the Shark007 codec package to play my video files, since Winamp's video playback had been spotty in the past. I also used VLC for the rare oddball that WMP and Shark007 would not play.

I recently discovered that the video support in Winamp Pro has improved very much, so I decided to give your guide a try. I decided to use the LAV decoders.

All my music video file formats still work (in Winamp and WMP), except for my .flv files. They work with VLC (with it's internal decoders), so the LAV filters are not reading them for some reason.

Any suggestions? I tried installing the Gabest FLV Splitter (, but that has not helped.

I had noticed that the Shark007 package installed both ffdshow and LAV. Is ffdshow needed for the .flv files? If it is, how do I keep these decoders from conflicting with each other for the other file formats?

I also can not heard the audio, using Winamp, in my movie files with multichannel audio tracks (they play fine in WMP). The status panels of the DirectSound output plug-in and the LAV Audio Decoder say there is 6 channels of output, but all I heard is static.

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