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Can't use format converter - "send to" option is missing!

Hi, I have a problem with latest Winamp version trying to run it on Ubuntu 10.04 through latest wine version.

The thing is, the program works perfectly, but there's one key thing that doesn't work. And it's what I need the most. The format converter.

Happens that when I right-click a song in the playlist menu, I don't get the "send to" option. I just get:

-Play items
-Remove items
-Crop files
-View file info...
-Playlist entry
-Bookmark items
-Rate items

Why is this? I think that there must be a logical explanation. Maybe is that some files are not being installed, or not shown by some reason. But why? What do I have to do?

I ask you, Winamp experts for advices, because the program executes flawlessly but I can't send a file to the format converter, and that's the feature I wanted to use.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thank you in advance
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