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Might have an update by the end of the day

Rebuilt most of the main window, so far the following works......

Title bar + Closers (not easter egg bar)
Tickers and numbers (they were a copy over from a sister skin, so easy peasy)
Pos bar rebuilt from screen grabs in here.
CButtons all done and working
Shuff / Rep done and dusted.
Most of background dropped into place
Vis Done (copy over from sister skin)

Vol Bar and Balance will take some re-doing as they were animated, have the individual frames off the psp file, but will need to drop them in place.

EQ/PL toggles to do

Mono / Stereo need to do from scratch, they dont' seem to exist on the layer file, I probably added them in directly, have them in the screenshots above, so should be able to figure it out.

Rest of skin... nothing to report, struggling to recall what I did for the eq sliders, sure they were animated somehow, but not a clue with what....

might see if I can get most of the main boxed off by the end of the day, time permitting...

Hows that then eh ...

///easter egg now done as well for good measure!
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