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A progress report, cos I know everyone is interested

Completed the video windows (and the browser windows, yes I know no one uses it but old habits die hard), completed the gen frame, gen buttons I might be able to re-use from it's sister skin.....

Also completed the mikro skin, yes I still use it...and the main window shade mode, looks like shit, but what can you do.

Struck me today, I first considerd doing this skin back in August 2003 after completing my SabreWulf skin, blimey, nearly ten years ago, crazy.

Anyhoooo,anyone recommend a decent cursor editor that free without any limitations?, had a really good one when I last looked at this back in 2010, can't for the life of me recall what it was and it vanished when my memory stick expired...

I could just stick with the two cursors I have already made, but do know I had ideas for a couple of additional ones at the time which I'd like to complete...
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