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In great detail, all are explained here, though the document has many inaccuracies with the compatibilities and many are left out since it hasn't been updated in months. For the top 5 from best to worst:

1. Final Fantasy 6's world map music (highest sustained compatibility, listened to for 52 1/4 days in a row)
2. Final Fantasy 1's world map music (listened to for 42 days in a row)
3. Final Fantasy 9's battle music for normal enemies (highest known compatibility spike and listened to for 46 days in a row (107 on a single source))
4. Ristar's music for round 5-1 (listened to for 27 days in a row)
5. Bubsy's music for chapters 10 through 12 (listened to for 22 days in a row and has been played about a million total times).

I'm currently listening to Carnival Night's Act 1's music from Sonic 3 & Knuckles at 74% true speed.

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