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OS: Windows Vista x64
Problem: in_dshow.dll
DSP plugins: Not installed.
General purpose plugins: Not installed.
Visualization plugins: Not installed.
I do not use unofficial plugins for a test configuration.

"Allow surround sound" is checked. My real channel configuration is Stereo. Anything else is irrelevant i believe.

Whatever i do DirectShow plugin keeps passing wrong parameters to output plugin in
int (__cdecl *Open)(int samplerate, int numchannels, int bitspersamp, int bufferlenms, int prebufferms);

The in_dshow.dll plugin always passing the numchannels = 2 to output plugin. The straightforward numchannels = 6 hack seems "fixing" the stream. The RAW data itself with later WRITE calls is correct but OPEN parameters seems to be bogus.

This bug is easy to reproduce for example by opening the VOB files. I failed to find the explanation for this bug on forum and hope some good soul would come with explanation or better, fix.
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