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Gracenote prompt locks msvcr90.dll - locks-out other apps

Winamp 5.601
Windows XP SP3

I insert a CD that that is not on CDDB (my compilation) to play with Winamp.
I do Winamp | Play | Audio CD E:

Either without my intervention or after loading the CD with track ids "Track 01", etc. when right-clicking | File Info, I get the Gracenote prompt telling me that the CD is not found on the database. All looks cool, but after a couple of seconds, if I don't cancel the prompt, any Notepad that was working pops up an error message (see below). The computer comes almost to a complete halt. Everything is sluggish, deadly sluggish.

My analysis indicates that the Gracenote prompt locks msvcr90.dll in exclusive mode (or something similar to that): as soon as the "Submit New" prompt appears, whether the "Submit New" button is clicked or not, any other application that uses msvcr90.dll becomes locked-out, and a message "This application has failed to start because MSVCR90.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem" appears. Try to start, for example, Notepad, while the prompt is displayed or while the "Submit New" dialog is displayed. Cancelling the "Submit New" prompt or the dialog restore things to normal.

This is a bug.

To reproduce, just try to play a CD that is not on CDDB, wait for the Gracenote prompt to appear, and try to start Notepad (or any app that uses msvcr90.dll) or watch what happens to any app that was already running.

Hope it gets fixed soon. Basically, while entering data for submission to CDDB the only thing that can possibly run on the PC is the CDDB data entry dialog.

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