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Hello retroman,

thank you for the fast reply!

First, I think I have to apologize for not being more specific and would like to clarify: Of course my Winamp does not have a "general" problem with m4a/aac files. I have a lot of them and most play fine. Just those converted from music videos were problematic.
Yes, "were"!
Following your instructions I get perfectly fine playing m4a-files! So indeed it was a Problem with the files produced using XMedia Recode to do the mp4-->m4a conversion "on-the-fly" rather than in two steps (like your mp4box batch does).

Using MediaInfo I think I found the Problem: XMediaRecode gave the files a "constant bitrate" flag while the aac-streams have a "variable" Bitrate. It also used lavf (ffmpeg file parser) to create the file and gave it a strange format profile (Base Media) and codec id (isom).
I will not use that program anymore, it was just so convenient that it offered the "on the fly"-options without having to write a batch or do two steps in yamb-mp4box-gui ;-)

Still it might be noteworthy that only Winamp had a Problem with those "incorrect" File specs, but you are right, that is not really a bug.

Thanks again for the help!

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