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Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
Thank you for the detailed response. I realize that I had changed the default command line option.

I guess what it comes down to is that I'm using the CD Artist field in the same way that you're using CD Performer, in that I'm populating the AA tag with what's in the CD Artist field and you're populating the AA tag with the CD Performer field. In the end we're getting the same results.
you changed the way it is intended to be used. and you also seem to accept FreeDB values for DTITLE as your AA tags, which would not work for me in many cases.

you should also realize there's more than just FLACs out there. i'm not sure how or even if you can do that with id3, as my mp3 command line is not verbose with tagging. but the way I describe is how its mapped for id3, and its not even visibly exposed like it is with FLAC.

mind you, there is nothing wrong with what works for you, but its one thing to say "this is what works for me" as opposed to "this is how it works for everyone" especially when that is not the intent and describes a customized situation.

Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
But I would also say that your claim that the CD Artist field either works for Track Artists or nothing just isn't true. As I explained earlier, if the CD Artist field is different from all the individual track artists, like in a compilation, then it operates completely independent of the track artists, and you can set it to whatever you want without affecting anything else. So you can set the CD Artist field to Various Artists for example, which can then be written to the AA tag with my set up.
what I said is ABSOLUTELY TRUE in a DEFAULT SETUP. I was trying to answer your initial post, when you wanted to know what 'we all were referring to,' and explain that CD Artist is, for EAC's purposes, "track artist" so you would understand why BP and I were saying we had to "remember" to fill in AA tags, b/c CD Performer is INTENDED for that purpose. you then launched into this whole thing saying that wasn't true, but that's based solely on your own, non-default, customized setup.

the point I was making to BP, is that if he used the cuetools online DB, or the GD online DB, I think he would get CD Performer values, but I can't currently test that. but I was telling him that b/c he lamented the lack of automatic AA tags.

OR, if he was comfortable with it, he could use your solution as well, I wouldn't begrudge that to anyone who saw fit to use it.

Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
I guess the argument I would make for using my set up is that for almost every single CD I've ripped with EAC, when the freedb look up populates the CD Artist field, what it gives IS the Album Artist that I want written to the AA tag, including for compilations. So if it already writes the Album Artist I want to the CD Artist field automatically, why not just write that field directly to the AA tag rather than dealing with any additional tags like CD Performer?
I agree, that's a very solid, legitimate POV. but it would not work for me, and it did not pertain to my explanation of what BP and I were referring to, (AA behavior in a traditional default-ish setup).

Originally Posted by lostinsound View Post
But it really does come down to personal preference. I'm comfortable with the way I'm doing it as are you with your way, and I think in the end we're ending up with pretty much the same results.
again, I don't begrudge you your way at all.

as to the same results... idk about that. I have a fairly involved AA naming method, that FreeDB doesn't really come close to, except for those CDs where AA and track artist are one and the same, but that's simple enough to just copy and paste anyway.

besides, EAC "learns" and autofills your entries over time regardless.

anyway, i'm glad we now understand each other on this topic. BP, I started this thread, so don't worry about OT-ness. I think this is a good place to discuss EAC and speculate as to how I bungled my FLACs, and / or if cue tools can fix them precisely?

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