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Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
MrS - are you sure you would trust a software algorithm to trim silence from that many tracks? Automatically - without really being able to check the results?
maybe, but one thing I was looking for was an app to generate a list, let me see how many "potential candidates" i'd be dealing with. in other words, something to ID things I should look at, at which point I could decide what merits manual attn. vs automatic.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
Unless there is a really obvious pattern to your extra silence on your tracks, I would have thought you are going to get a few "odd" results. Wouldn't it be safer to just deal with the few concept albums and concerts that gapless is important to, and leave the rest?
the issue I had to start this thread is apparently common enough for cuetools, (a gold standard in its realm) to have made it a built in default option to fix. its some kind of offset issue in exact amounts of 4096 or multiples thereof, it then detects and removes them.

using cuetools, I was able to convert all my Beatle flacs to m4a ALAC, and simultaneously "fix" the rips. they now play flawlessly.

I have not seen this same exact issue in my collection outside of my Beatle rips, so hopefully it is not present elsewhere. I do have some older lame rips that probably should be re-ripped, to improve their gapless playback, but i'll just have to find those as I go.

what I was asking for as far as removing silence automatically with a utility though is different, b/c I keep my downloaded files segregated from my rips, and most of them are not albums, and some were just sloppily made by others and have sometimes seconds of silence at the end of them. so I was going to start on those files.

Originally Posted by Batter Pudding View Post
I did have to laugh earlier when I saw some post on Amazon about the MP3s that have been sold of Dark Side of the Moon. It looks like Amazon added gaps to the rips... either that or the posters complaining have rubbish MP3 players.

Is "adding gaps" a standard thing?
I know SOME oddballs choose to add or insert gaps where otherwise there are none, but your report is the first I've heard of a vender screwing up an otherwise meant to be gapless album. imo, an album should be ripped as is, whether it be lossy or lossless. and a vender should not alter it.

anyway, I am nearing the end of my FLAC > m4a process, and while I still think FLAC is an entirely amazing lossless codec, with the best method of tagging, I have found two real world pros to make m4a ALAC my lossless codec of choice:

1. it works with apple/iTunes and winamp. I knew this already, but in that way its unique. its all native now.

2. what I did not know, is that the m4a ALAC files would be natively supported by windows explorer, (FLAC is not). that's important to me, b/c it makes a big difference when you're shuffling things around, trying to keep 70k+ files organized.

the only hiccup so far is another thread in bug reports I posted demonstrating some oddness on oddball flac to alac files as played / parsed by winamp. but i'm confident those issues will be resolved and I don't think (or so I hope) they apply to more "normal" spec'd files anyway.

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