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Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
Mp3tag manipulates the ratings created in various applications to create its own internal "psuedo-tags".
It is possible to create user defined mappings in Mp3tag for FLAC, MP3, WMA, M4A (maybe others, for all I know) that allow whatever rating is written in Mp3tag to be read by Winamp and vice versa.

Attached is the mapping I use.
As you can see, I've mapped Mp3tag's rating "psuedo-tags" to POPULARIMETER.
Now I can use %popularimeter% in Mp3tag and not worry about which file type is being read. Mp3tag now looks after the mapping.
i'm curious as to why you do this...? is it b/c you want just one column for ratings regardless of the file type?

does it translate everything to a 1-5 star scale? or does it show real strings?

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
Writing ratings in Mp3tag is a little trickier because Winamp expects different rating values depending on file type, as MrSinatra has explained.
If I use Mp3tag to write ratings for use in Winamp, I use the 1-5 scale for MP3 and WMA and the 20,40,60,80,100 scale for FLAC and M4A.
just clarifying: you use 1-5 as your input value for mp3tag, but under the hood its writing POPM values 1-255, right?

just FYI, i have asked Florian to adjust mp3tag such that the "traditional" popularimeter column will show the true actual string, and not an interpretation of it, as the "rating winamp" column does. so far, no luck.

the workaround is to use an earlier version of mp3tag, and convert the email addy of winamps in the string, to anything other than the default, and then POPM (or more correctly, the 'popularimeter' column in mp3tag) will work normally. thats why i asked DrO to allow the user to specify that addy some time ago, and he put that in. (its in the in_mp3 config i think)

however, that breaks the "Rating winamp" in mp3tag functionality completely, and so i am hoping to still get Florian to honor my request, (and a second request would be an option for "Rating winamp" and other such similar columns to just ignore the email addy, and pay attention simply to the 0-255 values! its not actually necessary to match the email or string, to map the values to stars, per app)

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
There was a lengthy forum discussion a while ago about how Winamp would convert the 0 to 255 values to 1 to 5 stars and the reverse. It was mainly about the cutoff points from 1 star level to the next. If I remember correctly, the decision was made to use a formula rather than a look-up table. I don't remember how Winamp was to decide if the 1-5 or 0-255 scale was being used when reading a file it didn't write the rating for. Do you know?
all that was debated but you have the conclusions wrong. there is no formula. ultimately, winamp DOES use a simple, straightforward table lookup to convert 0-255 to 0-5 stars. windows explorer was used as the guide for the cutoff points. interestingly, as described in my links (most of which i wrote), WMP has a slight, mostly inconsequential disagreement over one of the cutoff points, but that really doesn't matter.

i also got Media Monkey to use the same windows explorer scale. at this point, basically all apps that write ratings now read and write all values the same way, which is great b/c it means files are cross app compatible. only itunes refuses to read or write to tags.

whats infuriating to me is that mp3tag, if it recognizes the email addy (or whatever app string) used in POPM, will break the popularimeter column, and only allow an "interpretive" column of 1-5 stars. this to me is thoughtless, b/c why break the one column just to enable the other? enable both! but more importantly, it violates the very point of mp3tag to begin with, which is to show the user the true values and strings in ones tags, not just an interpretation of them.

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