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Anders, I found a problem. The file build.h, line #173 (class DiagState):

PHP Code:
  template<class Mstruct mapped_type_helper typedef typename STLHelpers::mapped_type_helper<M>::type type; }; 
If this line is replaced with a line from code nsis-code-r7010-NSIS-trunk:

PHP Code:
  template<class Mstruct mapped_type_helper typedef typename M::value_type::second_type type; }; 
then NSIS build is succeeds. Otherwise I get "fatal error C1001..."

Also the line #269 in the file Plugins.cpp was corrected.

PHP Code:
 std::/*unordered_*/set<typename STLHelpers::mapped_type_helper<C>::type 
PHP Code:
 std::/*unordered_*/set<NSIS_CXX_TYPENAME STLHelpers::mapped_type_helper<C>::type 
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