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5.5x-5.6x bugs - all fixed in 5.6-5.666
-Enqueue from Explorer acting as Enqueue & Play (5.66-specific) (info / workaround)
-Some old input plugins (in_qt, in_vgm from chipamp, etc) crashing Winamp (5.66-specific)
-[ml_local] Unicode characters in ML Search not displaying/remembered correctly when 'Remember search filters' option enabled (5.66)
-Sporadic crashes when importing local library in 5.64
-[in_wave] Custom mldb info reset after using View File Info (Alt+3)
-[ml_playlists] Crash on drag+drop files from one ml playlist to another
-[playlist] Relative paths broken when filename is already relative
-[vis_milkdrop] Broken presets editor in v2.21 (unicode/font related)
-Select All (Ctrl+A) not working in JTFE window -> Manage Mode
-JTFE: Broken/Erratic behaviour with Move After Current feature
-Media Library Prefs pages messed up with French lang pack
-[pmp_ipod] Files not showing on some ipod models after sync & eject

5.58-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.581
-CD Drives not appearing in ML tree if Winamp was previously closed with ML not-visible
-pmp_android settings not being saved
-Crash when trying to checkmark "Add to Winamp's Bookmarks" under "Folder Context Menu" in Prefs -> Shell Options

5.57x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.58
-Rating lost when updating mp3 file info
-Notifier not showing when using keyboard's multimedia keys

5.57-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.572
-Can't unassociate extensions via Prefs -> File Types
-EasyMove broken for classic video window
-Crashing on consecutive videos with different height but same width
-Crashing on (corrupt) AVI files with missing RIFF header or when seektable indexes are in wrong place
-Ghost JTF dialog appears when restarting Winamp in a minimized state with a modern skin active

5.5x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.57
-Some presets don't work or crash with AVS v2.82
-Crash in in_mod.dll when trying to add some .s3m files to playlist or ml
-Remove Missing Files broken for Local Media rescan
-Elevator issues on Vista/Win7 (m3u & other file associations / Pro reg key invalid)

5.5x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.55
-New version check can't be disabled when anon stats is enabled (in General Prefs)
-[in_mp4] Genre field not saving when transcoding, eg. flac to m4a (info)
-[in_mp4] Long hangs on slow network drives (info)
-[ml_local] Broken 'Create Playlist' button
-[ml_local] Remove missing files broken with some older/corrupt databases
-[gen_jumpex] The JTFE items in the Playlist's 'Send To' menu (Add to Queue, etc) don't work
-[gen_jumpex] Playlist paths change to all lower-case after using 'Remove Duplicate Entries'
-[gen_jumpex] First enqueued item in list repeating when using the B (Next Track) hotkey
-[gen_jumpex] Shell Options broken (Enqueue+Play, Remove shell menus, etc) (info)

5.5x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.541
- ML sometimes appears behind other Winamp windows in Winamp Modern skin
- AlbumArt icon background selection glitch in Local Media views
- Last item cut off when scrolling to bottom of an AlbumArt pane in Local Media
- Local Media Info Pane crashes Winamp if Modern Skin Support was unchecked in the Installer Options (due to required but missing dlmgr.w5s file)
- Play & Enqueue reversed in ML Playlists when Enqueue is default action
- Keyboard shortcuts (z,x,c,v,b,etc) not working in Winamp Modern skin Playlist windowshade mode

5.5x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.54
- Bento skin (doesn't happen with other skins): Drag+Drop from Open/Add Files Dialog to Playlist wipes playlist and plays file instead of just dropping it into place
- Playlist contents are blank when in docked toolbar mode and Winamp is minimized
- Winamp won't restore if minimized whilst Milkdrop & AVS config/about dialogs are open
-Auto-Tag dialog is hidden underneath Winamp when 'always on top' is enabled
- Weird flashing behaviour at startup if Winamp was previously closed whilst minimized to the systray.
- Metadata for ogg vorbis streams no longer shows in View File Info (Alt+3)
- Shift+Enter etc weirdness in ML Playlists
- Multiple "icons" in Alt+Tab when using any non-sui Modern skin and Winamp is minimized to Systray
- Enter/Shift+Enter broken for ml treeview items
- CDDB crash if CD contains per-track Conductor metadata (eg. for Classical CD's)
- All hotkey/accelerator focus issues are known
- 404/Timeout with manual podcast subscriptions under Vista
- Problems with installing new skins on Vista
- Close (Alt+S) etc accelerators not working in JTF dialog

5.5x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.531
-Bento browser redirecting some url's to Winamp Search
-Bento collapse/expand button bug
-Recent URL's not saving (5.53-specific)
-Total time display of selected tracks in Classic playlist (5.53-specific)
-AOL Radio skipping/buffer issue
-[ml_local] Right-click Play/Enqueue all items issue in 3-pane views
-[ml_playlists] Broken right-click context menu items (5.53-specific)

5.5x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.53
-Gracenote-powered features (CDDB, Playlist Generator, AutoTagger) might be a bit slow to respond when accessed for for the first time in a Winamp session (caused by reading of local CDDB, and especially noticable with larger cddb.db files). If you still experience this problem, delete the %AppData%\Winamp\Plugins\Gracenote\cddb.db file (make a backup first).
-Editing CDDB genre may still be a bit buggy (eg. Electronica saves as Pop Electronica, or Alt-Metal becomes Nu-Metal).
-Switching between language packs or from/to English (US) can lead to some of the online related media library tree items (effectively ml_orb and ml_online) losing their position and dropping to the bottom of the tree.
-Classic EQ window appears after minimizing a classic skin, restoring it, and then switching to a modern skin and minimizing then restoring it.
-"Play -> Playlist From ML" opens playlist view in the ML instead of playing it.
-Crash when trying to mass Auto-Tag files that aren't in Gracenote database.

5.5x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.52
-Crash when attempting to play non-existent M4A files
-Crash when clearing existing metadata fields in Vorbis File Info

5.5-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.51
-Delete Art doesn't work in Alt+3 for embedded art
-New CDDB features may be a bit buggy (eg. genre saves with "General" at front)
-Column sorting order is broken for pmp_usb devices (info)
-No 'Burn' button when system IMAPI service is disabled (unconfirmed!) (info)
-MPG videos might display the wrong length in pledit/ml (eg. 1:19 shows as 9:39)
-Collapse/Expand Playlist in Bento skin doesn't respect 'Show Album Art' setting
-Stereo indicator, bitrate & freq don't display in main player area, or Audio is always the active ml view on Winamp restarts with French & Spanish Lang Packs (info)
-ASX Parser converts all stream links in .asx playlists to upper case
-Winamp Setup might reset position of Desktop icons
-Setup: Winamp Agent typo in Registry Run key (wianmpa.exe)
-Winamp/in_mp3 crashing on some mp3's (when playing/adding to playlist, or scanning Watch Folders, or using Auto-Tagger or Playlist Generator, etc) (info
-Shift+Enter hotkey for ML Playlist tree item Plays/Replaces instead of Enqueues (when "Plays selected items" ML setting is active)
-Gracenote/MusicID features (CDDB, Playlist Generator, Auto-Tag) not using Winamp's proxy setting
-Playlist Generator crash when stopping scan before completion or resetting database
-Crash caused by an incompatibilty with spectrum vis and some 3rd-party input plugins (eg. usf, tfmx) (info)
-Global Hotkeys list destroyed when switching language packs
-Local Media views: Last Updated and Album Gain column sort order broken
-Local Media views: Artist column in descending order after sorting by Year
-Winamp won't restore properly, or a weird titlebar appears onscreen if reopening after closing it when minimized to systray
-Media Library is initially blank when restarting Winamp from a minimized state

5.3x-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.5
-Choppy spectrum vis for FLAC files (could be a LibFlac 1.1.4 related bug)
-"Error in Insert" message for some PlaysForSure (P4S) Devices
-Garbage characters when editing filetypes in in_wm config
-Filepaths corrupted when opening Winamp via Explorer context menu under Win2k
-Long filenames/paths corrupted under Win2k/Vista
JTFE (gen_jumpex) bugs:
-Crash/hang or multiple instances trying to open when using Explorer context menus to open multiple files/folders (info)
-Remove Duplicate Entries command in playlist = broken
-Time and queue# disappear in pledit when queuing up tracks longer than 100mins

5.34-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.35
-cddb crash with non-english chars in path to inidir (info) (5.3x bug)
-Horizontal scrollbar in JTF dialog disappears after queuing items
-Gapless CD playback broken with Sonic Engine again
-P4S Devices crashing on sync (info)
-Some mp3's don't display the tracktime in the playlist (info)

5.33-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.34
-Album tag is removed for OGG files when using ml 'edit selected items'
-Total filesize (Gb) missing in local media views
-Duplicate entries in Local Media after rescanning Watch Folders Reindex
-JTFE causes slowness in playlist window when unicode characters present
-JTFE doesn't support/display unicode characters in Jump To File search
-in_flac / msvcp71.dll not found (info & fix) (5.34 build 1273 bug, fixed in b1278)
-ml_pmp "copy to local media" doesn't add files to mldb (5.34 b1273 bug, fixed in b1278)

5.32-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.33
-'Static' in ml playlists instead of total tracks/time display
-Some avs presets don't work properly
-Crash when sorting by ReplayGain columns in local media views
-Local Media column sorting logic broken due to new Disc # column
-Loading folders via playlists broken (again)
JTFE (gen_jumpex) bugs:
-Queue List cleared when drag+dropping files above queued items in pledit
-Playlist entry text disappearing when queuing items under Win9x

5.31-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.32
-Classic skin playlist total time drawing glitch
-Slow load-time with large playlists of remote or network share files
-Docked playlist toolbar mode not remembered
-Silent crash when disabling then re-enabling History view in ml prefs
-Crash when viewing File Info (Alt+3) for dead FLAC links in playlist

5.3-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.31
-Ripping CDs with international characters broken
-Crash on exit after playing an Audio CD (info)
-Updated in_mp3.dll available which fixes a number of 5.3-specific issues (info)
-filereader.w5s missing from installer (breaks thinger icons - info)
-dir loading via playlist files broken
-Logarithmic/Hybrid volume control broken in out_ds config (always uses Linear)
-Remember Last View in Shoutcast Radio config is inverted (serverside issue - info)
-Issue with Unicode titles and %track% in atf when "use library info for playlist title formatting" option is unchecked (info )

5.23/4-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.3
-Winamp closing when coming out of hibernation/standby (jtfe plugin bug)
-Random crashes when editing ID3 tags
-Delay/hang when loading dead stream url's/bookmarks (eg. if server is down)
-Shared ID3v1/v2 tags (eg. Comment/Genre) updates linked
-Titles for streams in stored ml playlists changing from streamtitle to url
-Time display changes to 0:00 when using File Info Editor in ml playlists
-Some MIDI files no longer play (5.24-specific)
-Freezeup when exiting via System Tray icon (7th June) bugs fixed in (8th June)
-Send To from local media to an ml playlist replaces instead of enqueues.
-Fixed ml_playlists.dll available separately here
-(note, fixed ml_playlists is now included in the silently updated 5.23 installer).

5.22-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.23
-Portable Media Player syncing duplicates bug
-Stored ml playlists not being saved/imported
-Imported playlists named by containing dir instead of m3u filename
-Add Folder adds all filetypes (not just all-supported)
-Rt-click Enqueue not working
-Drag & drop folder into ml playlists not working
-Drag & drop file into ml playlists not dropping in correct place
-Dbl-clicking a stored playlist title doesn't follow
-Playback restarts from beginning when editing tags of a currently playing wma file
-Streams ending in .aac extension can't be played

5.2/5.21-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.22
-JTFE (gen_jumpex): 'On end of queue' options broken
-Media Library size/position not remembered when switching from Classic to Modern and back to Classic skin (gen_jumpex.dll bug)
-Modern skin playlist in docked toolbar mode not remembered (gen_jumpex.dll bug)
-[in_wave] Error: "Can't open decoder" when trying to burn .wav files
(temp fix is to switch back to in_wave.dll from v5.13)
-[in_wave] Locking files (Wav's can't be renamed/moved/deleted)
-Clicking Next in fullscreen OSD for AVI/MPG files acts as clicking Next twice
-Hang when using $abbr() in ATF string (info)
-CD Ripping not creating artist/album metadata under Win9x (info)
-Stop With Fadeout broken with WaveOut Output

5.2-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.21
-[pmp_p4s.dll] Entry Point Not Found in DRMClien.DLL startup error (fix)
-[in_vorbis] No Artist metadata in stream titles (shows Title only)
-Keyboard shortcuts don't work from video window
-[in_mp3] Wordwrap disabled in Info Editor Comments field

5.13-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.2
-Changes made w/ Windows Media Attribute Editor not updating in ML/Playlist (info)
-Video Options from video window right-click context menu = broken

5.112-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.12
-Hang after hiding main window and restarting winamp (info)

5.111-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.112
-Fixed: Crash when burning with EQ on, or with any DSP/Effects plugin enabled
-Fixed: [in_mp3] id3v1->id3v2 track# copy glitch
-Fixed: [in_mp3] crash when playing mp2 files with 'fast layer eq 1/2' enabled
-Fixed: [out_ds] Volume shows as "f dB/f dB" in config > Status tab

5.11-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.111
-AutoLoad EQ Presets crash Winamp (info)
-ATF : $upper(%artist%) crash with non-english characters (info)
-Shoutcast Station Info crash / Ad blocker app conflict (info)
-Crash on Next after clearing playlist (info)
-MIDI Lyrics window broken (info)
-proxy settings ignored if "port 80 only selected" (info)

5.1-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.11
-Crash with multichannel aacPlus files with EQ on (info)
-Internet Connectivity (cddb, online media, etc) not working for dialup modem users (need to select 'always connected' in prefs instead) (info)
-Windows shutdown error/freeze caused by ml_wire.dll (info)
-EQ dB value changes not showing in main window (classic skin) (info)
-ml_wire always creates My Music dir (info)
-in_cdda.dll crashes when ripping cd without sonic engine (info)
-msvcp60.dll linked dynamically in in_cdda, in_mp3, ml_predixis, enc_wma (needs to be static link for older OS'es without msvcp60) (info)
-After pause/unpause, WMA plays for a few seconds then stops (info)
-out_ds > 'fade on seek' always enabled after winamp restart (info)
-Predixis MusicMagic plugin: Play/Enqueue actions reversed when Enqueue is set as default ML action (info)
-SHOUTcast streams removed from playlist on Winamp exit (Browser-related) *

5.094-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.1
-Draw issues with Online Media vids/sidecar when using custom scaling

5.093-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.094
-[in_wm] can't choose different device in out_ds with multiple instances
-[in_wm] out_ds fade on start custom value in effect when not checked

5.092-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.093
-Fullscreen video OSD doesn't reappear after using Pause (info)
-OSD stays onscreen in DirectDraw Mode (ie. with Overlay off)
-Vis data for in_mod (and possibly other input plugins) broken (in_wm related)
-msvcp60.dll linked dynamically in in_mp4
-Drag+drop from external apps seems to be broken... (info)
-Open Files dialog not accessible with 'always on top' enabled (info)
-Crossfade "fade on start" feature not working - in_wm related (info)
-Freeze when switching audio tracks on videos with multi-audio streams
-Custom scale video window resizing when exiting fullscreen (info)

5.091-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.092
-High cpu and slow shutdown when closing Winamp with large playlist loaded (info)
-Large playlists take longer to save (related to above)
-msvcp60.dll not found error on win2k/9x systems (was linked dynamically in in_wm.dll)

5.09-specific bugs - all fixed in 5.091
-Drag+Drop from Explorer to ML broken
-Freeze/crash with seekbar in fullscreen vid
-Broken vid/vis multi-monitor support
-WMCreateReader Failed error when scanning/adding WMA Files in ML
-Edit File Info for some WMA's broken
-Slower startup due to dynamic Online Media check
-Issues with fullscreen videos (info)
-Now Playing broken
-Drag+drop from IE to playlist broken
-Drag+drop from Add Files dialog to playlist broken
-Ctrl+B (End of List) crash
-Vid window Easy Move broken (classic skins)
-Catagory typo in AOL Video view (category)


-Winamp 5.55 libsndfile.dll update patch (More Info) (fixed in 5.551)

-[pmp_p4s] Crash when deleting songs from P4S devices (fixed in 5.55)

-Ultravox streaming metadata stack overflow security vulnerability (fixed in 5.52)

-Transcoding of floating point WAV files produces silence (fixed in 5.52)

-TV button in video window does nothing (fixed in 5.5)

-Some ASX playlists/streams don't load or work properly (fixed in 5.5)

-MP4 buffer overflow vulnerabilty (in_mp4.dll / v5.2-5.34) (Info & Fix)

-MusicIP Mix (fka: Predixis MusicMagic) plugin uses 100% cpu during processing (Removed in 5.35)

-Memory leak when adding .AAC files to playlist/ml (Info) (fixed in 5.34)

-CD Burning broken under Win98/ME (5.22-5.31 Sonic Engine bug) (fixed in 5.32)

-Memory leak when switching between 2 or more large ml playlists (fixed in 5.31)

-ml_local.dll breaks 'always on top' for other programs (fixed in 5.31)

-There is no disc in the drive error (pmp_ipod/usb/p4s conflict) (info) (fixed in 5.31)

-Some 3rd-party modern skins show weird green scrollbars or 'image not found' | More info here and here. (fixed in 5.31)

-Winamp 2.x/5.x doesn't read ID3v2 tags in streaming mp3's (Implemented in 5.3)

-Seeking m4a files with rt-cursor goes beyond end of song/counter (fixed in 5.23)

-Seeking wma files with rt-cursor goes beyond end of song/counter (fixed in 5.23)

-[ml_wire] Some podcast subscriptions only list 1 entry (fixed in 5.23)

-[in_mp3] doesn't play high bitrate MPEG-2.5 Layer 3 files (info) (fixed in 5.22)

-Media Library > Playlists: root view slowness bug (fixed in 5.22)

-Delete key not working in Online Services or SC Wire search (fixed in 5.22)

-Seeking m4a files with rt-cursor goes beyond end of song/counter (fixed in 5.22)

-Memory leak w/ Winamp Modern skin playlist in winshade mode (info) (fixed in 5.2)

-High cpu usage when stopping/pausing music whilst Milkdrop is running (fixed in 5.2)

-GDI Object leak with Current Skin prefs page (info) (fixed in 5.2)

-32bit float point WAV playback distortion (info) (fixed in 5.2)

-Winamp Modern skin > Main window > File menu > Internet TV/Radio = broken
(goes to AOL Radio/Video views instead) (fixed in 5.2)

-JTFE 0.96ff - hitting J hotkey twice causes ghost JTF skinned window to appear (occurs only when "Skin JTF..." is unchecked in Prefs) (fixed in 5.2)

-Known issues with in_vorbis.dll can be found here (fixed in 5.2)

-in_mp3 Info Editor shows aacPlus as LC-AAC 22050Hz (instead of HE-AAC 44.1KHz) (fixed in 5.2)

-m3u playlist handling security vulnerability (fixed in 5.2)

-in_mp3 Extremely Critical Buffer Overflow Security Vulnerability (info) (fixed in 5.13)

-mms:// video streams are still broken with in_dshow, if filename.ext isn't specified at the end of the url, eg. bbcworld or maniatv
(just enters endless buffer loop and never plays). (fixed in 5.12)

-splashscreen freezes when double-clicking agent icon (info) (fixed in 5.12)

-video window scaling bug (5.09-specific and later) (info) (fixed in 5.12)

-Seeking may no longer work with some ASF/WMV videos (fixed in 5.11)

-Manual Playlist Advance makes Winamp Videos play only intro ads (fixed in 5.11)

-Media Library crash on user profiles with no write access privileges (fixed in 5.11)

-out_ds > config > status tab > copy function broken (fixed in 5.1)

-First few seconds of Audio CD tracks repeated (Sonic Engine / out_ds bug) (info) (fixed in 5.1)

-Modern Skins > "Dock windows at" setting not remembered if unchecked, and closing/reopening winamp (needs checking/unchecking again to take effect).
<"Dock Windows" value="*"> not being saved to studio.xnf (fixed in 5.094)

-Large Playlist shuffle bug (info) (fixed in 5.094)

-[gen_ml] issues with # in album name (info) (fixed in 5.094)

-[gen_ml] sort by 'albums' or 'tracks' not remembered in Artist pane (info) (fixed in 5.094)

-JTFE plugin not working when WinXP/2003 DEP is enabled for all programs (info) (fixed in 5.094)

-Editing tags of M4A files created with iTunes causes corruption (info/workarounds) (fixed in 5.094)

-Winamp doesn't support url's longer than 260 characters (info) (fixed in 5.094)

-Incorrect file length/time reported on long mp3's (300-600mins long) (info) (fixed in 5.094)

-Artist name with parentheses (brackets) still causes each track to be listed as a separate artist in ML > Artist/Album views. Issue with "()" in Album name is also known. [info | 2] (fixed in 5.093)

-Album title with ellipsis (...) at end causes "error ripping track/can't open destination file" error when trying to rip said CD [info] (fixed in 5.093)

-VP6.2 videos still play upside-down in 5.05-5.09 (info) (fixed in 5.093)

-ML Playlists buttons stealing focus from listview (eg. Sel > Select All) (fixed in 5.093)

-Winamp doesn't return volume to level when closed with 'mute' enabled
..(mute.maki fix: if closed with mute 'on', winamp now reopens with mute still 'on',
.. and toggling mute 'off' restores previous volume level)
(fixed in 5.093)

-Memory leak with paused WMA (fixed in 5.091)

-Hitting Eject then dragging a file in Explorer to any folder causes winamp to go crazy (fixed in 5.09)

-Seeking with some mp3 streams is broken as from v5.06+ [info] (fixed in 5.08c)

-No module playback without midi support (read_file.dll is also required by in_mod, but isn't installed if midi support is unchecked). (fixed in 5.07)

-Shuffle Bug From Winamp 2/3 still around [info] (fixed in 5.06)

-Seekbar is seekable with nonseeking wmv videos, causing video to freeze (fixed in 5.06)

-Crash in gen_ml when right clicking songticker with empty playlist (fixed in 5.06)

-Jump to File Extra 0.96c plugin bug with Playlist Entry dialog appearing when using Q hotkey (fixed in 5.06 / JTFE v0.96ff)

-Rating from main window > songticker not updating/working (fixed in 5.06)

5.06 specific bugs

-Broken proxy support (always uses IE proxy setting, even if proxy field in winamp is blank) - (fixed in 5.07)

-in_nsv and in_mp3 do not work/appear under Win95 (fixed in 5.07)


-Repeat Track not working in modern winshade mode

-Proxy authentication setting not remembered when changing streams (info)

-Docked toolbar scaling bug [info]

-Settings not saved on close when using docked pledit toolbar

-Notifier not fading with "link all windows.." enabled

-Issues with "apostrophes" and (brackets) in library metadata [info | 2]

-Gap in Modern skin main window when opening config drawer (with attached vid/vis drawer closed), and stretching window out horizontally.

-CD Ripper playlist generated even with option unchecked

-Zero-byte .mp3 files crash winamp 5.03 with in_mp3 from update patch.

-broken mms:// streaming support with in_dshow
Note: only affects mms:// streams which don't specify a filename and extension at the end of the url,
and if in_dshow is disabled then in_wm handles them properly (mms://stream/.wma)
(Note: mms audio stream bug is fixed in 5.04, but not mms video streams)
(Example 1 | Example 2)

-Spectrum analyzer dies ~7 mins into an Audio CD track [more info]

-Tracklength/seekbar issue with WMA files longer than 7:09 (v5.03 only)

-in_wm.dll v2.0 incompatibilty issue (crash) with wmvcore.dll v8.x and earlier. (info)

-Media Library delay issue in 5.02 and 5.03...
Noticeable lag when doubleclicking playlist/view items with "play all.." checkmarked in Prefs -> Media Library -> Library Options.
Caused by bug in gen_hotkeys.dll as reported and diagnozed here.

-Constant accessing of winamp.ini (related to above)

-Corrupt id3v2 tags causing Winamp to use large amount of memory

-Inaccurate bitrate calculation on some mp3's


THESE WERE 2.9x, 5.0 AND 5.01 BUGS, FIXED IN 5.02 AND 5.03

-Classic skins: Playlist/video windows visible on reopening Winamp after closing in minimized state. Note: Main, EQ, and ML windows are correctly minimized & clicking taskbar icon restores them. Tempfix (unzip to: Winamp\Plugins) [fixed in 5.03]

(note: bug still exists if setting shortcut to "run minimized" - fixed in 5.04)

-Vorbis plugin does not display unicode characters [tempfix] [fixed in 5.02]

-Modern Skin pledit winshade bug - keyboard shortcuts linked to main window menus instead of pledit menus [fixed in 5.02]

-Allow Multiple Instances appears to be broken, ie. playing files from Explorer context menus = opening in same instance of Winamp, instead of in new instance (update: apparently, this is now expected behaviour, not a bug - further info)

Full list of fixed bugs


Things what not to report:


1) Some old 3rd-party Winamp3 skins don't work at all or make Winamp 5 crash
(not our problem, contact said 3rd-party skin author instead)

2) Some 3rd-party general/input plugins mess up the main menus, or don't work
(not our problem, contact said 3rd-party plugin author instead)

3) Anything else caused by any 3rd-party plugin (some might need updating).

4) Multimedia Keyboard buttons not working. Inform the keyboard manufacturer and ask for updated drivers.

5) Forced crashes, such as: rapidly clicking video/vis buttons/tabs causes freeze/crash

6) Unimplemented features. Feature requests posted here will be ignored/deleted.

Anchors: known glitch regress fixed 557 555 554 553 552 551...52 513 5112...general notreport notbugs

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