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Please note,
/BANNER CAPTION TEXT - 2 parameters, banner caption (1 string) and text near icon (up to 3 lines using $\n). [/B]
Oh thanks, forgot one parameter

Another question:
In the past i used the nsisdlSmooth-plugin ( to display an embedded nsis-download-dialog with progress bar in my Modern_UI_NSIS_Installer. I wish this could be done with the InetLoad plugin too.

What means the PREFIX parameter following the /POPUP parameter? Seems currently not to be explained in the wiki.

Another hint:
Currently the InetLoad is easy to influence by the global IE settings. For instance, if the IE is set into the offline mode (FILE > Offline Mode) the download with the plugin will fail.
I dont know exactly if there are some wininet.dll flags to overcome these settings but if, it would be nice to implement them in the Inetload plugin. Its really hard to explain every installer user to configure the IE right before he/she is able to use the installer

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