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I am overloaded with current programming, so big changes of code may be done next month only
May be you saw Margo' ftp plug-in, but (from Yatosho post) "unfortunately the plugin seems to crash occassionally without any further notice. however, when it crashes, it does so after being successfully executed." May be it is possible to find and update it's code. Finally I like the idea of good ftp plug-in. May be later I'll find code of my full-functional ftp backup client (with file versioninng and server' disk<->tape migration status support, written 6 years ago for ADIC, tested on up to 100,000 files in single backup queue ) and will do something, but I am not sure how soon this may happen. You can also use Windows ftp client with -s option in the command line (decorated with ExecDos on nsExec plugin), but it still not works in the 'passive' mode (many thanks to MS again ). But compact and free ftp console client may be found in Net (I hope).
Yes, long, long explanations instead of working code
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