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Smile Thank you very much

Originally Posted by jpderuiter View Post
Use "AFD/IPSec/Tcpip" as dependencies in the InstallService command (see
To jpderuiter,
thank you very much!

I have a try what you said,the dependences are installed successfully! thanks again!
But tha apache software can not start yet.i don't know why,i think the software has its own process when use "-k install".but i still thanks you told me how to use the dependence parameter

Another question,do you know how to install a .NET service except using "installutil.exe" ?
I have a .exe that developed by .net framework 4.0,i try to use SimpleSC to install ,and i failed,i must to use the .NET install tool "installutil.exe" to install it.

Ah,do you understand what i said ? ,i am sorry about my english.

but,all of these are ok! i have write a .exe instead of that one.

Thanks again!

i have to improve my english now ,today i met a German teacher,thanks to God,there is a senior student there ,and she can speak german very well~
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