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Originally Posted by sogood View Post
always found it to be very good. However, lately I've found that tracks tend to skip and jump quite a bit, like playing a scratched vinyl record
Many thanks.
I think I know what you mean - and I had the same problem

Long story short: it just happens; like a cancer. I remember researching this issue and some guy even reporting that his XXXX $ studio equipment did a jack SSSS for him because his PC was faulty in that matter. And that Microsoft was saying it is the fault of hardware, and hardware manufacturer was saying that it is the fault of Windows

There were some solutions: turning off & on some system features- one-by-one trying to pint point the culprit. There were even third party software indicators to confirm that you have this problem. [I thing it was DPC Latency Checker - try googling that out]

I am sorry I do not have links for you but and do note remember the details. After this issue has gone so bad that I could no longer even watch movies anymore [somehow audio in video files played in Media Player Classic did not suffer from this - but with time it didd take over of MPC also although still far less than audio in audio files played in Winamp] I simply gave up trying to fix this after different attempts. But for some time being not running at the same time uTorrent was helping - but with time it became not enough. [That would indicate an issue with degradation of hardware - as I took a good care of my OS]

My solutions and remedy was: buying a new machine. I have new mobo and CPU and RAM - and the rest is old, including my Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro and stereo. I also did Windows installation from scratch. And for over a half a year I did not hear a single "POP". But now I started to get them occasionally, sometimes few a day sometimes days without even a single one
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