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AudioStocker does it !

Thanks DJEgg

In your "Where did these plugins go?" reference, I found a link to the AudioStocker plugin. This is a volume equalizer and a compressor. The compression can be set to "very soft", and the volume equalizer does the job I want. What little compression there might be is about undetectable.

I can now listen to all my files without thinking about volume compensation. When I decide to burn a CD, I can always deactivate the plugin and set the volume and EQ manually for each track. Or, considering how well Audiostocker works, I could convert its output directly to WAV (I think...)

For those who might be interested, here is the direct link to the AudioStocker plugin:

It would be nice if a volume equalizer feature was an integral part of Winamp. Everyone who has more than one mp3 file has a need for this.

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