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The same thing, but automated and efficient

Originally Posted by rkcpi View Post
I used a more simply way, but little more long...
CDex free software is able to normalize any MP3 and/or Wav files,
so you could to convert your MP3 to Wav, putting flag on "normalize"
option, then re-encode these wav files to MP3.
You can easily to rename your files, too, so you can have exactly
the title you want on the user's winamp playlist.

This procedure is enough long, but I sure you the result
is very good.

All the best,
There is a command line utility able to "massively" normalize and equalize WAV files, and even MP3 files if installing also ffmpeg (at ffmpeg dot org). The program is provided with .BAT files that you simply have to start for processing all multimedia files present in the current folder (see details in packages). So, by a simple click you launch automatically for all files:
- The MP3 (or other source) to WAV conversion
- The smart normalization + equalization (I find it very efficient !)
- The re-encoding to MP3 (with name extended with "_EQ")

This program is called Norqualizer. I don't know if I'm allowed to post links, so I suggest to go to sourceforge dot net or Google, and search for "norqualizer". You will find it easily.

Give ot a try!
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