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Idea for normalizing volume

Originally posted by rkcpi
I used a more simply way, but little more long...
CDex free software is able to normalize any MP3 and/or Wav files,
so you could to convert your MP3 to Wav, putting flag on "normalize"
option, then re-encode these wav files to MP3.
You can easily to rename your files, too, so you can have exactly
the title you want on the user's winamp playlist.

This procedure is enough long, but I sure you the result
is very good.

All the best,
Well I have an idea. Have a tag put in mp3/ogg files that is called NORMAL_RATIO or something like that. When playing back a mp3/ogg, winamp will record the loudest volume level (before it reaches the equalizer of course). Then it will set a pre-amp value for this song (independant of the equalizer pre-amp). The next time the song was loaded, its volume would be modified by that pre-amp value. Having a pre-amp before the equalizer pre-amp only increases the cpu usage very marginally (88 thousand multiplies a second isn't a lot), and allows more flexibility.
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