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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
And with a script you trigger each animation depending on what buttons is pressed. May be very complex if you want to use the current frame as the starting point of the next animation (so it doesn't start from 0 when it's paused and you hit FWD). But that may be optional and not really worth the trouble, the thing is I don't think I've ever seen such a script, can you do it? / point out where to?
[auto-response day] the attached script here -yeah, my own post- has a simple mechanism like:

System.onPlay() {; // Shows the animation on first play;; // Plays the animation the first time a song plays;

System.onTitleChange(string newtitle) {;; // Shows and plays the animation after the playlist changes the first time;

So I guess it wouldn't be hard to use something like
System.onNEXT() { bla bla bla..
System.onPREV() { bla bla bla..

and show/hide the other animations accordingly. In my experience this is easier to say than to do, so it can take (me) weeks before doing it right...
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