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No there is no maki book as far as I know.
The best source for learning maki was the so called "Canada" documents, but those are offline since a very long time.

There is a Wiki for Modern Skins that you can use for reference:

Otherwise, I'd just suggest digging into the included .mi files in Winamp, for example std.mi and config.mi.
They have good commenting on most of the functions to help you understand how things work.

Another tip is to start digging through a simple skins sources, for example the Winamp3 base skin or the Wasabi.player base skin (links in my signature).

My D-Reliction skin (link in my sig) could also be a good source for doing a little bit more advanced stuff, without it getting too complicated to understand.

All my maki sources are included, and they should be fairly easy to understand.

The Bento and Winamp Modern skins are in my opinion built in a way that is a bit too complicated if you want to learn basic maki.

Also, dig through this forum thread, from the beginning, as there are tons of useful small scripts and tips right from the start.
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