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Originally posted by rockouthippie
Really?. And how much money did we toss down the toilet over the fraud of cold fusion?.
You seem to have quoted the wrong part of my post. Besides, cold fusion's theory is still thought of as possibly-sound, although the experimental evidence was (as I mentioned in my post that it would be) fairly easily disproved.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
Did the scientists involved know they were stuffed clean full of blueberry muffins... yep... did that stop the fraud?.. nope ....
You've lost me. Your argument seems to be that fraudsters pretending to be scientists pulled off some form of con, and somehow science is to blame? Is there an ounce of logic in that? I assume I've misunderstood this.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
We don't even want to go into the fraud of medical research..
When it's biased by money, it ain't science. Results must be reproducible, if they're not (whether by cost-of-entry or by restriction by trade secrecy systems), it's hardly a convincing scientific proof.

One particularly sad tale about medical research is that one company found that their medicine for relieving the symptoms of some types of stomach ulcer (if I remember correctly) was found to cure the ulcer completely if taken along with a specific antibiotic. The manufacturer of said medicine have issued an advisory not to do this, and it is now illegal for doctors to prescribe the two together.

Medical research is a horrible thing to look at sometimes, since it's one of the areas where the cracks between "free capitalism for the good of everyone" and morality begin to show. Of course, one could argue that this is more the fault of the laws in place to "protect research investment", and that without these laws the investment wouldn't be made at all, but it still leads to some ******dly-horrific things.

Originally posted by rockouthippie
Eventually religion finds it's fraud too, but certainly not any slower than science.
When "religion finds it is fraud", you let me know. All of your examples have been proven cases of fraud. Proving Mary wasn't a virgin or God doesn't hate gays is something more of a task.

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