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load of bullshit...

first of all, let me make an assertions, atheism is primarily a western phenonemon - do we agree? Then let's establish the fact that i'm a Dane (well im born in Sweden, but i've lived in Denmark for 93% of my life), a quite standard western society.

Hence i brought up in a society based upen the Lutheran branch of Christianity, Denmark have been official a christian nation since 965 when King Harald Bl├ątand converted to Christianity. Hence the society customs, moral obligations etc. have evolved for more than 1000 years under christianity.

My parents, like most parents, have brought me up, so that i would be able to fit into society, to be able to to do this, i have learned to respect my neighboor, to treat others the way i want them to treat me, not to steal, not to kill, not to intentionally harm other people. Does that sound like my parents give me a good christian upbringing?

Well, i come from a home without a bible, my parents have allways denounced God to me, when I asked questions I was allways told the scientific explanation...

and i've only twice been involved a fight in my adult life, and they've both involved someone hurting someone i loved, i've never cheated on a girlfriend, the worst thing I ever stole was a bottle of Coke in 4th grade, i've allways stood up for the underdog, and i do volentary work for drug addicts at a, may i add, christian mission in Copenhagens hard neighboorhood. But i can see clearly that all that don't count, because i don't believe in God, i do it out of selfishness, or whatever motivation you think atheists have to do good

but your good book gives you the right to judge Maria, who got pregnant by accident, because the pills didn't do its job, so she have to give up her education, to feed a child she didn't choose to have in the first place, or little Sarah who was raped in an alley on her way home from church...

It also gives you the right to put to men who have happened to fall in love with eachother in the same category as child molesters and people who have sex with animals or dead corpses.

No thanks - I'll rather keep my bad morality, and keep respecting the people around me.

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