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Originally posted by gaekwad2
How much historical evidence do you need?

There are tons of records, as opposed to one book written by an interested party.
one book, composed of multiple manuscripts from various authors. Also there are a number of other manuscripts that did not make it into the bible, do a search for the gnostic gospels. Josepheus writes briefly about Christ as well.

Do you believe that Aristotle existed? why? there is much more documentary evidence that Jesus was a real person than there is for Aristotle. Do you believe that Jusius Ceasar was a roman emperor? why?

There is so much documented writings that point to Jesus being an actual person who lived on this earth that to argue against it is stupid. Besides believeing that Jesus existed and believe he was the son of God are two completely different things. Believeing that there was some dude named Jesus 2000 years ago in Israel who started a cult of the Jewish religion has no impact on your atheist belief. These simple facts do not prove or disprove God's existence.
Refusal to believe that Jesus even lived does prove something about you though.

Why don't Atheists argue with Muslims about whether or not Mohammad existed?
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