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Many channels I wish to connect to redirect to other channel

Hey everyone

I've been using shoutcast on winamp for quite a while, and this problem has always been persistent;

Whenever I search for something, a bunch of channels that i find work fine, but a bunch of them always redirect to the channel called "Jamendo Lounge".

I was wondering if anyone knows why this is or has the same problem?

I'm using shoutcast on winamp for android. I know it's old, but i sideloaded it and like it. I thought that might be the reason, but I've tried several other Shoutcast players available on the play store, but they have the exact same problem on the same channels i try to connect to.

~edit by NJK , moved your post to winamp for android due to the fact that you are not broadcasting with shoutcast but listening to streams on your android device.
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