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(it is sad, that the latest answers not go to the top like other boards....)

you wrote:

Right now I am on a 56K, when I was at school I was on a T1 or T3 not sure about the actual speed but it was fast enough for me. Now that it is summer I am back at home
(Southern California, USA) and I refuse to pay for a connection at or below 56K (that connection at school spoiled me) so I am using Altavista Free Access (you know with the Ads), I am thinking about adsl (768 kbps down / 128 kbps up), but I don't have a job right now so I will make do with 56K. Here dsl and cable modems are somewhat common (about $40 a month for the bandwidth mentioned above) ISDN is kind of a dying out here due to dsl.


Here in germany you pay 1,9-5,0 "Pfennig"
per minute for 56K use.
Many people have ISDN.
ADSL is in test phase. (In big cities)
Internet via Sat is in the beginning. But in a little town like here (14000 human beings)
is ADSL far away.

can I make a adjustment in winamp that I can hear all stations but than in other quality??
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