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Various Artist/Compilation Albums


I am wondering if there is definative answer for fixing the Various Artists/Compilation Compilationissuse with WinAmp for Android? If so can make it a sticky so that we dont have to troll through many different posts to try and find it?

I have tried making the "Album Artist" default with "various" typed in on Compilation Albums on my naming system but when I have streamed that to my HTC Desire HD Phone I still have one Album per song. Therefore I end up with 10-20 Albums with the same name on the phone, also is there an easier way of changing the "Album Artist" without doing it for each song? A Excel style copy and mass paste instead of having to do it one song at a time?

I have a load of Compilation Albums of rare groove,soul,funk,northern soul,electro,breaks and nuggets and the thought of having to sit at my computer for days doing data entry just.....well there are far better things I'd rather be doing....
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