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Hi DJ Egg,

that actually works for me , I'm not really concerned with the Trackartist being in the file name. That doesn't bother me at all if I don't have to change the settings all the time. I didn't realize that <Artist> is actually the album artist tag . I guess if you can read it's an advantage .

One more question will fix me up for a while . Winamp is grabbing the media info from Gracenotes when it reads a CD. Is there anyway to edit this information before ripping the CD and having that info, which might be incorrect or not fit to my purposes, written into the ID3 fields?


Edit: *gaaah* I'm a bit slow. I just discovered that you have to right-click one of the tracks before ripping to edit the info and not in the info-field above the tracks itself . Okay, I'm happy now .
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