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Hi Serge,

I would be happy to test your presets. I am a musician and try to find original milkdrop presets to create visuals for the music I am composing.

here :

I am a newbie to Milkdrop (I must admit this soft is really good and the strong community is a big plus) and its forum, and I am aware of the need for authorisations concerning this kind of usage. I would like to know if you would agree that use for your presets, as creator, in a youtube channel for my music, for sure I would credit the way you desire and link to you if necessary?

I had a look to the sreenshots you propose and would be interested to test the presets, as they look, ( the screen shots) good to me.

Well, also it seems that there is ...little problem with your link (not really sure where does the problem come from) :when I try to open the .rar file (once downloaded, that's a.rar I get, so the downloading function on the server is ok) I get an unsual message saying "unknown format or damaged archive".... That's very strange for a .rar file (format that I use everyday, like many, for other purposes).
Would you be so kind as to check it and eventually repack or upload, or tell me, in the case you get no problem after you download it, that's something else.. I will be more than happy to test your top 100 if I can get an extractable file wich runs ok . may be that's me.. I don't know for the moment...Regards. Ben
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