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[ROOTED ONLY] Dirty dirty dirty but (almost) working workaround


Googling and googling for help on how to get winamp to transfer to external sd card on my Lg optimus 3d (device where both sd cards are displayed separately in windows and where in android the real external to phone (swappable) device is located under /sdcard/_ExternalSD)

I finally found a solution that seems to work with ROOTED phones only. A guy that was very frustrated because all apps where writing to internal sd card and not external made a little app for rooted phones called DiretoryBind. Just from the name you can tell what it does, it binds a diretory of your internal sd card to a directory in your external sd card so that when the app thinks it's writing to the internal sd card it gets in fact redirected to the external one.

you can download it here :

Steps to take :

1. Locate the folder where winamp wireless sync saves your music usually
2. Create a folder on your EXTERNAL sd card where you REALLY want your music to be saved
3. Download and install DirectoryBind from link (version0.2.0o seems to work well for me)
5. Click at the bottom right corner on activate
6. Menu Add new entry
7. In the source path enter the place where you want your data TO BE REALLY SAVED (the external SD path for me it was /mtn/sdcard/_ExternalSD/Musique on an optimus 3d )
8. In the mount/target path enter the place where THE APPS thinks it's writing (this path will "stay empty") mine ws /mnt/sdcard/Music wich seems to be the default winamp for android path
8. Click on Transfer files from target to data (the apps warns you but target must contain files and data must be empty
9. click on add
On your main screen click on the drive icon to make it green and the redirect should be ok

It is currently transferring music via wifi and only my external sd free space seems to go down in the Sd card and memory menu of my android phone so everything looks good so far

Also, winamp is telling me that there was not enough space to copy all music and that I have to use auto fill because it's the internal memory usage that is displayed. I'm going to see if the auto fill can be run once again when winamp will detect that files are already in this folder but that it still has place to put them on the phone.

-- Known bugs --

winamp seems to detect the music it has transferred as music not in your library, so select leave them to make sure they don't get deleted. Hope it won't create any duplicates on the phone tough..

Gonna finish my transfer and see what it gives and i'll keep you up to date

note to winamp devs : seriously consider integrating a non-root fix for this or at least to integrate this fix or you'll losse many other to wired transfer or to paid apps wich aren't as good on windows then your is.
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