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Ok. Edited calendar.xml to this at 11:15AM PST and restarted the services, but still not mirroring, just keeps playing playlist.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<event type="relay">
<calendar starttime="11:17:00" duration="01:00:00" />
<relay url="" priority="2"/>

Also, when I commented out the playlistfile=c:\SHOUTcast\hidden line the stream died (after restarting services of couse).

At this point I'm just trying to test for getting the mirror running, period, any way I can to see if its even going to be possible. I haven't talked to the other station admin to see if they need to add my server to an allow list or have blocked access for mirrors, so I'm really just trial and erroring this (with lots of errors apparently).

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