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Posts: 27,873 is the best place to start as that has details on how to run the tools and config them together (you'll probably want to use the config_builder if you're not happy editing the example config files - which are just text files).

to go from laptop to server, you could use the Source DSP if you're using Winamp though depending on the OS you're using, you might have to use some sort of virtual audio cable or a direct cable doing a loop back for the mixer + mic combo (Vista / Win 7 support of the capturing is known to not work correctly with the DSP plug-in at the moment).

as well there's info on the wiki for how to configure the DSP plug-in to work with the DNAS. though if you're using the v2 tools, the DNAS is a command-line based tool so you'll need to able to pass a file to it or use the bat file the config_builder provides (otherwise it won't do anything - though i've got something in the works for the next public build to ease that issue people have with command-line tools).

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