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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
my take is that i've got too much to do before spending any real time on this.

i can only go on what happened when i ran it under the debugger and it showed as happening inside of libflac. if it's due to in_flac.dll doing something wrong with it what tries to pass onto libflac then i don't know without properly looking. though i wasn't getting a divide by zero crash, so that might be from doing it with the internal build (which is using the same version of libflac and same compiler)

either way, it's agreed that your file is / was crap.

and we are using a self-compiled version of libflac v1.3.0 (as of v5.64).

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and if i'd realised you'd go and file a bug report, i'd have done my best to stop you from doing it as there's no point in filing a bug report until it's been fully triaged on our side as a starting point. and it now makes us look stupid and has wasted people's time before what should be done (triaging it directly) has had a chance of being done.
Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
I have np in a case like this, of taking the issue to THOSE devs, since its their code that's faulty, and trying to get them to fix the bug. I think most devs appreciate being made aware of bugs, as long as the user is correct that there really is a bug, and they aren't just wasting the devs time on an issue that may be invalid.
Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
so, I will try to file a bug with xiph and link it to this thread.
you really need to stop being so hostile to me. just b/c i don't genuflect with every comment and kiss the ring, doesn't mean I'm your enemy. and furthermore i didn't say or do anything that wasn't public in this thread to begin with.

besides, maybe they are wrong? if u didn't see that error, maybe it is their code. either way, its hardly a waste of time or making anyone look stupid, its just a bug that needs squashed. that's the goal, is it not? its not a waste of time to try to do that imo.

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