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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
how you recently had a go at KaiserD2 for not providing everything, well that's what you've managed to achieve yourself by not allowing things to be correctly triaged before running off and reporting something
what indication did i have that's the case? and how is telling Kaiser to read stickies, which you tell others to do, the same thing? where is what i did even covered in the stickies? how is following the rules having a go at him to begin with?

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
and it's my fault for not seeing you posts saying you were doing just that. and it's a bug that needs to be fixed after determining the correct point of the issue which is not possible currently. either way i'm now done with trying to deal with you.
and again you are hostile! how about, "gee, i twice missed you saying that, sorry for having a go at you when i could have stopped you."

just for the record, had you said "don't file a bug we need to triage first" i would not have.

DrO, i want to be HELPFUL to you. please stop being so hostile to me. when i report this bug here in winamp, its to help. when i do it there its to help. I'm sorry you missed what i wrote, but the intentions are noble. you get all bent out of shape for no reason, its lunacy.

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