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Hi there, I have been trying to get this plugin to work with no luck. I'm sure it must be something simple that I am doing wrong.

I am trying to use it as follows:-

PHP Code:
Function LockedListShow
!insertmacro MUI_HEADER_TEXT `LockedList Test` `Using FindProcess`
LockedList::FindProcess notepad.exe
::Dialog /autonext
  Pop $R0
I'm using notepad here just as a test. When I run it the locked list page appears with the 'No programs that have to be closed are running' message showing, regardless of whether notepad.exe is running or not.

I've also tried the sample lockedlistfindprocess.nsi with no luck either. It does not display any prompts if notepad is running.

I've tried running on XP and 7, 32 and 64 bit, all with the same result.

Any ideas what could be going wrong?


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