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The 1st-party plugins are all listed here

From your list, Milkdrop & in_wm are 1st-party.

Therefore, I guess one of these 3rd-party plugins is/was to blame:

Compresssor & Wider v1.1 [dsp_compwide.dll]
Dee3 3.0 [out_dee3.dll]
Weedsoft Noise Generator v0.1 [in_noise.dll]
MEXP (disabled)

I know you said you're not using a vis plugin,
but which one is currently hi-lighted in Prefs -> Plugins -> Visualization?

One of vis_DylansGlCube.dll or vis_tp.dll maybe?

Alas, I don't use any of those 3rd-party plugins (Smoke is installed, but that's one of Ryan Geiss' plugins, who used to be a Nullsoft employee), and I sure as hell don't want to install them either, so I've no way of finding out the culprit. If the problem reoccurs, use a process of elimination method to find the guilty plugin.

Close winamp, disable one of the 3rd-party plugins by moving it out of the Winamp\Plugins dir, then reopen Winamp.
Repeat as necessary until the error message disappears. The last plugin you disabled was the guilty one!
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