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Question NSIS can't remove NSIS created registry key

I have an NSIS installer that creates a registry key, such that when ActiveSync sees a device cradled, it automatically starts my application.

The creation of the key works fine (as does the ActiveSync function), but on Un-Install, the registry key is not removed.

All other registry entries created can be deleted without issue.

Any help much appreciated.

So from my "post" section:

Section "-post"
; Create the ActiveSync key so our app starts when the device is cradled
WriteRegStr HKLM "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AutoStartOnConnect" "${appname}" "$INSTDIR\${exe}"

And my Uninstall section:

Section "Uninstall"

; Delete the ActiveSync key so our app wont start when the device is cradled
DeleteRegKey HKLM "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AutoStartOnConnect\${appname}"
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