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How to access a SysListView32 control

I write a script to create a SysListView32 control using nsDialogs, but it could only show a box. I want to insert columns and items into it, but after read the Messages of SysListView32 control at MSDN, I know that I must use API to access this control as some of the messages need "the pointer to an LVCOLUMN structure that contains the attributes of the new column".

I don't know how to use System plug-in to access it. I hope that nsDialogs provide more controls support, such as msctls_trackbar32, SysListView32, SysTreeView32 etc. in future.
PHP Code:
!include "MUI2.nsh"
;!include "UsefulLib.nsh"

Name "List View"
OutFile SysListView32.exe
InstallDir $TEMP

ShowInstDetails Show

Page custom CreatePage
!insertmacro MUI_LANGUAGE "English"

Section Install


Function CreatePage

!insertmacro MUI_HEADER_TEXT "List view control" "A SysListView32 control created by nsDialogs plugin"

nsDialogs::Create 1018
${If} $== error
NSD_CreateLabel0u 0u 300u 8u "Please specify the target folder where to install this software:"
Pop $1
${NSD_CreateFileRequest0u 12u 232u 12u "D:\TTPlayer"
Pop $2
${NSD_CreateBrowseButton240u 12u 60u 12u "&Browse..."
Pop $3
${NSD_OnClick} $3 DirSelect
${NSD_CreateGroupBox0u 28u 300u 112u "Drive space:"
Pop $4
!define IDC_LISTVIEW        1600
!define LVS_REPORT          0x00000001
!define LVS_SINGLESEL       0x00000004
!define LVM_SETBKCOLOR      0x00001001
!define LVM_INSERTITEM      0x00001007
!define LVM_INSERTCOLUMN    0x0000101B
!define LVM_SETCOLUMNWIDTH  0x0000101E
Using nsDialogs
::CreateControl /NOUNLOAD SysListView32 ${DEFAULT_STYLES}|${WS_TABSTOP}|${LVS_REPORT}|${LVS_SINGLESEL} ${WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE5u 40u 290u 95u "ListView"
Pop $5
Using Win32 API
# FindWindow $0 "#32770" "" $HWNDPARENT
    # System::Call 'kernel32::GetModuleHandle(i 0) i.r5'
    # System::Call 'user32::CreateWindowEx(i ${WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE}, t "SysListView32", t "", i ${DEFAULT_STYLES}|${WS_TABSTOP}|${LVS_REPORT}|${LVS_SINGLESEL}, i 8, i 65, i 434, i 154, i $0, i ${IDC_LISTVIEW}, i r5, i 0) i.r5'

Function DirSelect

${NSD_GetText} $2 $R0
::SelectFolderDialog "$(^DirBrowseText)" "$R0"
Pop $R0
${IfNot$R0 == error
${NSD_SetText} $2 $R0

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