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The suggestions I am making so far may sound simple, but I am only doing that to eliminate those areas. I don't want that to come over as if I am implying you are daft, I just needed the silly questions out of the way first.

It is interesting to see that you have found a pattern though. It could be XP? (you haven't mentioned which OS) is doing one of its "special folders" tricks on things in the "My Recieved Files".

If you build up your Music Collection in "My Music" or another folder tree, does this look like it is an answer?

And was that Clash Image labled with something generic like folder.jpg? Looks like it could be Winamp climbing the tree back up to find an over-all image. I didn't think there was a "default artist image"... but maybe that is what is going on?

I assume you have already seen this list of the way Winamp makes its art decisions? This mentions nothing about climbing up the folder tree.
1. Embedded art in the tags of the files
2. %album%.jpg/png/gif/bmp in the containing folder (where %album% is the exact name of the Album)
3. An .nfo file with the exact same file name as an image file in the containing folder
4. cover.jpg/png/gif/bmp
5. folder.jpg/png/gif/bmp
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