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Feature Request : lossless or hybrid brodcasting like Wavpack, Wav or Flac

Hi, I'm michael. French guy. New here.

I would like to give a feedback and ask a feature for the future.

So, I would like to know why it's not possible with Shoutcast to have more ways to broadcast, in particular a way to broadcast in lossless quality, or in hybrid quality (like wavpack). in 2012 everybody had high speed Internet, even Mobiles had 4G now (even in france in few months !), and MP3 is a very old codec.

AAC isn't a great alternative for high quality stream, and AAC isn't well supported by flash.

So, why you don't allow users to had more possibilities, like wav, wavpack or flac broadcast ? AAC is up to 448 kbps, and I estimade wavpack to 608 kbps, if we reduce wav 1411 from 58% (wikipedia say we won 58% of space with wavpack).

If we broadcast in "hybrid", we probably can have a wonderful quality for 456 kbps (3/4 of 608 kbps).

So it's not so far than 448 kbps, and it can be a great improvement in the quality of the streams.

I don't know if we can talk about Icecast here, because it's a conccurent of ShoutCast (!), but I think Icecast accept ogg but not flac. if someone know a wav (edit: a way, sorry for the lapsus !) to broadcast in flac (easily because I'm not milionary !), I will be glad to read that !

have a nice day,
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