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broadcasting in lossless formats requires a mass of extra bandwidth and most of the formats you've referred to are not ideal for being sent in smaller packets from the server to the client.

in particular a way to broadcast in lossless quality, or in hybrid quality (like wavpack). in 2012 everybody had high speed Internet, even Mobiles had 4G now (even in france in few months !), and MP3 is a very old codec.
that is not true, it may be for you but there are masses of people on limited / restricted internet access and there is still a long way to go before it is not the case. also no network ever achieves the maximum data rate claimed. not forgetting in the 4G case who it would be very easy for someone to go through their allowance (since unlimited is never really that) without hitting it or having their access throttled back making a lossless stream unbearable to listen to.

mp3, aac and ogg are generally used since they provide reasonable audio quality, can be streamed easily without excessive bandwidth usage and have reasonable device support (in the order i've listed them).

the only issue with AAC and Flash (or with some of the browsers which have AAC support) is due to the use of AAC-ADTS with SHOUTcast streams rather than being in an MP4 container. that is something which can either be handled on the player's side to embed into an MP4 container frame or with changes made on the DNAS server's side based on how the stream is accessed.

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